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Additional Characters

There are so many more stories to be told about the people who lived and worked in Hongkong in the period covered by the book.  Some appear just as names in the text or footnotes because there wasn't space to include their histories.  With the help of other writers, this section aims to fill in some of those gaps.
Henry "Kid" Marriott 
Click here for Richard Morgan's article on the Naval Dockyard Policeman and noted prize boxer, who received the Distinguished Conduct Medal during the Boer War and shot the ring-leader of the Gresson Street Affray in 1918.
photo Richard Morgan
Patrick Francis Boulger

The Irish Hongkong Police Sergeant who, together with three of his constables, was attacked by pirates when in charge of the lonely Cheung Chau Police Station in 1912

Also at Gresson Street​
The men who appear in the story of the Gresson Street affray, but, for the most part, couldn't warrant separate treatment in the book's account.
Among these are Sgt. William McWalter, PC Magher Singh, Frank Allen, Insp. George Sim, George Watt, Sgt. George Cockle, Sgt Bob Wills, Charles Wilden, Samuel Clarke and Sgt. Robert Marks.

The men who .

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