Hongkong - 1841 to 1941

(give or take a few years..)

A unique place at a time now slipped from memory.

Stories of the people who lived and worked here - British, Chinese, Irish, Portuguese ....

Bringing to life some of the social history of Hongkong's colonial past through the tales and documents they left behind. 


Women, Crime and Courts front cover

Women, Crime and 

the Courts:

Hong Kong 1841-1941 

 published by  BlacksmithBooks 18th December 2020. ISBN 978-988-79639-8-1 more information here

It was great fun being part of this year's West Cork History Festival earlier this summer. With dual themes of Partition and Empire, there was a real wealth of talks given. Mine, on (predictably) the Newmarket men who policed colonial Hong Kong is available by clicking the link. All the other talks, both free and paid, are now available and well worth exploring - go to the website.  

Many thanks to the organisers Victoria and Simon Kingston for a very smooth and easy digital festival. Looking forward to it in real life next year, when it will be back in Skibbereen.
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Where to buy
Both Women, Crime & the Courts and Policing Hong Kong an Irish History are widely available in bookshops in HK, including Bookazine, Kelly & Walsh, Commercial Press.

In UK & ROI your local bookshop can now order both books - the distributor is Gazelle, who have them in stock. Alternatively, it is available online from Hive, Blackwells, Bookshop.org - the first two offer free p&p and a better price than amazon.

In USA & Canada its available to order in your bookshop, or through Bookshop.org and other online retailers.

In other parts of the world it can be ordered direct from Blacksmith Books, who will ship by the fastest method - but bear in mind that there is currently very limited air freight from HK. 

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