Hongkong - 1841 to 1941

(give or take a few years..)

A unique place at a time now slipped from memory.

Stories of the people who lived and worked here - British, Chinese, Irish, Portuguese ....

Bringing to life some of the social history of Hongkong's colonial past through the tales and documents they left behind. 


Women, Crime and 

the Courts:

Hong Kong 1841-1941 

 published by  BlacksmithBooks 

18th December 2020. 

ISBN 978-988-79639-8-1

 more information here

For a preview of what's inside:


and about launch day in HK

lockdown in UK

Featured as Gwulo.com first

newsletter of 2021 - 

read excerpts and how it

came to be written:

HK's Criminal Women

Click on the SS Devanha to explore old Hongkong

Eight-and-a-half weeks after my publisher put these in the post in HK - on publication day - I have copies of my book. Talk about happy!! And, yes, that's his Christmas card too - doesn't Christmas come in February every year! It would have been faster on the SS Devanha!

Up-coming talks on
Women, Crime and the Courts
Wednesday 3rd March by zoom
11am gmt, 7pm hkt hosted by Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch. This talk is free, and non-members may join - details here
Then on Thursday 25th March I will be giving a talk for the Hong Kong Society, also by zoom. This is for members of the Society and of RHKPA, and begins at 12 noon gmt, 8pm hkt. Information here.
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