Hongkong - 1841 to 1941

(give or take a few years..)

A unique place at a time now slipped from memory.

Stories of the people who lived and worked here - British, Chinese, Irish, Portuguese ....

Bringing to life some of the social history of Hongkong's colonial past through the tales and documents they left behind. 


Women, Crime and Courts front cover
The Newmarket men of the Hong Kong Police Force was the subject of my online talk for Mitchelstown Heritage Society on 28th April 2021 at 8pm. The Society kindly made the event public and we were joined by many from Newmarket. This has resulted in an exciting number of new connections and leads, including information about other HKP from the north Cork area.

Women, Crime and 

the Courts:

Hong Kong 1841-1941 

 published by  BlacksmithBooks 18th December 2020. ISBN 978-988-79639-8-1 more information here

Delighted to have Women, Crime & 
the Courts as the cover story for SCMP Magazine on 28th March 2021. Accompanied by Adolfo Arranz's atmospheric illustrations, the excerpts from the book tell of a violent murder in 1901 and the heartless kidnapping of a young woman a year earlier. The first story is deeply sad - whether or not Wong Po had committed the dreadful crime, she was not destined to live long. But Tong Kui's case does, at least, have a happier ending. This link brings up a pdf version of the article.
As freight remains disrupted between HK and the rest of the world, the fastest way to get hold of a copy of WCC is direct from Blacksmith Books - usually takes c.8 days to UK.