Reviews of Policing Hong Kong - an Irish History

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch vol. 57 2017
                 David Hodson's review can be accessed by the title link above, which gives access to                          preview, requires sign up to JStor to view whole article
Books Ireland - the world of Irish Books Nov/Dec 2017, Issue No. 376
                unfortunately Aubrey Malone's critically favourable review isn't available online ...                     but starts out ... "I never thought I'd see the words 'Police', 'Hong Kong' and 'Irish                           in the same sentence.  How much more surprising, then, that Patricia O'Sullivan has                   chosen to devote a whole book to this fascinating trilogy of themes" and concludes "It                 is like opening a box of riches that you never knew existed, and at times it comes                         close to the quality of a triller."
AWAre Magazine of the American Women's Association of Hong Kong March 2018
                 Frances Nicholl's review available in the pdf download of the magazine, at page 9
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