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Podcasts - Hong Kong Heritage, RTHK Radio 3 - Annemarie Evans, Presenter.
The Book Program - North Herts Radio
I'm with royal historian Jane Dismore & acclaimed naval historian JD Davies talking about the pleasures & pains of writing non-fiction.  Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find the link for this program. 
South China Morning Post Magazine 

Forged in Fire:
fire fighting before the Hong Kong Fire Brigade - 5th June 2022

Fires in Hong Kong's early years elicited an 'all hands to the pumps' response, with small, manually pulled and pumped engines belonging to the banks, Chinese guilds, shipping firms and private individuals as well as the army and police turning out. But often, there was insufficient water to douse the flames, with the way to the harbour blocked by uncontrolled building along its edge. So the blowing up of houses to create fire-breaks was regularly seen to be the only effective way of stopping the spread of the blaze to Hong Kong's densely populated districts. (Article in pdf form - click title above)

Crime and Punishment:

Women in Hong Kong's colonial court system - 28th March 2021
Wanchai 1901. An argument over money between a man and his concubine was followed by the woman's prosecution for his brutal murder, while a year earlier, up in Ship Street, a kidnapped young wife was rescued from a life of forced prostitution when her cousin changed to spot her, standing on a verandah. Excerpts from Women, Crime and the Courts, Hong Kong 1841-1941 are illustrated by the acclaimed Adolfo Arranz.

Carnage on Cheung Chau - 17th November 2019
One August night in 1912 a large band of pirates raided the tiny fishing island of Cheung Chau.  Within minutes three policemen lay dead and shops and been raided.  Before telephones or electricity had come to the island, it was quite cut off until the next day.  In the days that followed a huge counterattack was planned by governments in Hongkong, Macao and Canton.

How Hong Kong celebrates St Patrick's Day - 17th March 2019
For the fifth year running Hong Kong's celebration of Ireland's national day were organised by the Consulate of Ireland and the St. Patrick's Society HK, turning all of Tamar Park green for the day.  But Ireland's presence here - and March 17th revelry - are not new phenomena.
The Gresson Street Siege - 100 years on 21st January 2018
On the 100th anniversary of the Gresson Street Siege, Stuart Heaver's article narrates the story and the events that led to its re-telling in Policing Hong Kong - an Irish History
Irish Roots Issue 105, 2018 First Quarter 
As well as introducing this little-known part of Irish history to the readers, the article focussed particularly on the research challenges I encountered.  Sharing a front cover with the amazing Michael D. Higgins - even if only in title at the bottom - was a great bonus!
Family Tree magazine October 2018
Another article by me on the journey from my first contacts with Hong Kong to publication. 
Irish Lives Remembered Summer 2018
The free online quarterly magazine published by the Irish Family History Centre gave me ten pages (!) to spread myself on the story of my Irish policemens' Far Eastern careers and so bring the story to their wide readership.  The link above takes you to the current issue page, its necessary to sign into the Centre (free) to access back issues including Summer 2018