it began ....

In the summer of 2009 I visited my ninety year old aunt in Dublin. 

As we looked through photos, and Aunt Ann got down on her knees to drag further boxes of such treasures from under the sideboard, (eschewing any offers of help from me) the subject of the uncle she’d never met arose.  “Patricia, you’re good at that googly thing, you go on your computer and find out what happened to Uncle Murt in Gresson Street.  My parents were such Victorians that they never really told us.”


Policing Hong Kong - an Irish History is the result of that request. 

I am a writer and researcher on the lesser known aspects of Hong Kong's history prior to 1941. Stumbling over an article concerning the death of my great-uncle in 1918 when an inspector in the Hong Kong Police, I quickly became immersed in the social history of colonial Hong Kong.  


As a specialist recorder teacher, in a career spanning three decades and more, I have had the joy both of introducing thousands of young children to music and developing the skills and musicianship of senior students to diploma level and beyond.   Now I write full-time, while keeping some teaching and playing to keep me sane. Pre-covid times I spend many months in Hong Kong - and hope to return before 2022 closes. 

My second book, on women the wrong side of the law, was finished during the first lock-down and came out in December 2020. Since then I have been working on the next book project - Hong Kong during World War One and the policemen who fought in that war. Alongside that, I continue to contribute articles on other aspects of Hong Kong's social history, all of which can be found on the 'Insight' page of this website.  


Patricia O'Sullivan August 2022

Patricia O'Sullivan