Canton Road

Canton Rd shoot out 1923 Police officers
This is the well-known photograph of the Canton Rd Shoot-out in December 1923.  The caption reads:
'Photoes (sic)  of Police Officers who took part in the Canton Road Shooting Affray at Yaumati on the 29th. December 1923 and who were awarded medals and commendations by H.E. the Governor at the Annual Police Inspection on the 11th June 1924,'
It is notable for being the largest group of medals and commendations awarded for a single event in the Force's history since the award of the Plague Medals the previous century. 
Front Row: LS Khoshal Singh, LS Maghar Singh, LS John Robertson, LS McEwen or LS Clark, Insp. Tim Murphy,
Sgt Charles Kelly, LS McEwen or LS Clark, Const. Singh
Back Row: - must include all the Chinese detectives who received medals and some of those commended, but since they are all in plain clothes, its not possible to identify individually.
LS Magher Singh was also involved in the chase for the gunmen at Gresson Street in 1918.  LS John Robertson had recently been discharged from hospital, but had to be  retire injured on pension, and died of his wounds two years later, aged 30.  Sergeant John Fender was on leave at the time of this medal presentation, receiving his the next year, at the same time as Tim Murphy's actual King's Medal had come through.  
Thanks to Steve Verralls who has been working out the identity of the men in this photograph.
Inspector Tim Murphy - King's Police Medal
Sergeant C180 Wong Lau - 3rd class medal & $100 reward
Constable C37 Mak In - 3rd class medal & $100 reward
Sergeant A46 John C.S. Fender - 4th class medal
Sergeant A110 Charles J Kelly - 4th class medal
Lance-Sergeant C55 Li Cheung - 4th class medal  & $100 reward
Lance-Sergeant A37 McEwen - 4th class medal
Lance-Sergeant B267 Maghar Singh - 4th class medal  & $100 reward
Lance-Sergeant A119 John Robertson - 4th class medal  
Lance-Sergeant C345 Shek Tui - 4th class medal  & $100 reward
Constable C551 Man Wan - 4th class medal  & $100 reward
Constable C526 Wong Kan - 4th class medal  & $100 reward
Lance-Sergeant A53 Clark - commended by H.E. the Governor
Receiving rewards of $50 and a commendation from H.E. the Governor were:
Lance-Sergeant B96 Khoshal Singh
Constable C322 Cheng Sham
Constable C540 Ip Chak
Constable C229 Ip Fu
Constable C419 Man Lung
Constable B94 Chattar Singh
Constable B125 Narain Singh
Constable B154 Norata Singh
Constable C265 Tsui Wing
Wong San was rewarded with $50.  He had been recruited to the Force in the aftermath of the affray, and was Constable C109 at the time of the presentation.
The data here is from the Report of the Captain Superintendent of Police for 1924, in the annual Blue Books, and also from the newspapers of the time.

King's Police Medal - as awarded during reign of George V.