'Bear with'

I've been asked about the background photos, having mentioned the caption-less back cover photo.

The graves of Mortimor and Edmund O'Sullivan at St. Michael's, Happy Valley, Hong Kong taken shortly after Mortimor's burial. Note that his stone was made by Charles Warren & Co. - an architect with a monumental stone masonry business alongside other things. My good friend Jill Fell, who did lots of work correcting my text, is Warren's granddaughter.

A picture of Barnacurra, Newmarket, Co. Cork, Ireland - taken about 15 years ago. This farm was in my family since the early 18th century. It was sold two years ago to local farmers, after the death of the last O'Sullivan farmer.

The Cenotaph at Hong Kong - St. Patrick's Day 2017

I'm busy working on the presentations for the launch and the OMRS talk at the moment, but will soon be able to include material from these on the site ... so please, bear with.

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