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Where are the books?

I'm being asked this question very often - so I thought I'd better try to explain here.

Policing Hong Kong an Irish History was published in April in Hong Kong, and on sale there immediately in some bookshops. Now it seems to have reached all the HK book stores - Commercial Press, Bookazine, Kelly and Walsh etc.

But in the UK it appeared on Amazon and other sites for about two weeks then was back to being out of stock. I think it gives some date next year.

Blacksmith Books uses Gazelle, a specialist importer of overseas books in the UK - but because they are that, they take a small number of many titles. Most of their authors aren't based in the UK, and so there's usually only a trickle of interest initially which builds over time.

In line with this they ordered just 6 copies of my book - and it was some time before I realised that this was the case, and they'd understood that I am a UK based author being quite pro-active about marketing it.

They're keen to support their local authors and have placed a much bigger order, which should be through in the next few weeks. To find it on Gazelle's website, paste or click through

if you then click the 'email me' you'll hear when its arrived in the country.

So - I'm sorry - its frustrating not to have lots of books quickly available, but they will be soon. And if you'd like to ask your local bookshop to order it for you, that would be wonderful!

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