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In the UK - just -

But the United States will be waiting .... and waiting ....

Books are finally available online. Unfortunately - that I'm trying to support - haven't got them available, but they are on that other website, you know who I mean. There the books appear from marketplace sellers ... probably fastest (and currently cheapest) from Dines, since they seem to be very close to the importers.

I'd be REALLY super grateful for reviews (hopefully nice!) on that site ... I think they have to be bought from there. But no such restrictions apply to reviewing my book (or any other) on I've just signed up to it - all very simple - search for me by book title, as there's another person with my name (what a cheek!)

Meanwhile, the land of the free will be able to make fifty leisurely return trips to the moon in the time will take for my book to reach their bookshelves. For some reason the book trade in the United States moves slower than anywhere else - but at least when PHK-IH launches there in February 2018 we should have copies available.

Now I'm off to Dublin, clutching my precious 20 books closely to me, until I get to Raheny Library on Wednesday evening. The Dublin Festival of History started yesterday and is in great swing now ... check out at

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