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Gresson St. Affray in the Chinese-language media

Huge thanks to the young local history enthusiast who attended a talk I gave last November and has now ensured that the anniversary of the Gresson Street shoot-out is on a number of news and commentary sites amongst the Chinese language media here in Hong Kong.

We met last night and I had a very interesting and informative couple of hours getting a better insight into the perception of these events within the Hong Kong Chinese community. The 'hook' for the articles was the recent announcement of the low crime figures in Hong Kong - hopefully there won't be too many parallels to draw here as HK 1918 was rather self-congratulatory about their crime figures - and then .....

I'm really pleased that the articles have also given my book exposure here - my new contact felt that there was perhaps more commonalities than I'd previously appreciated between the 'bottom of the pile' Irish, Catholic, working class policemen and the way the ordinary Chinese saw themselves in contrast to the governing elite. Lots of avenues to explore further.

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