Farewells, a find and a weekend

The sudden hike in temperature here in HK - typically '33 feels like 38' - is making my departure for temperate climes easier, but in preparation, last week I caught up with my good friends Peter Ryan and Caitriona O'Sullivan - Ireland CG and Vice Consul here in HK. When I return they'll both be in new posts, so I really wanted to thank them for the MASSIVE amount of support and help they've given me. I met Peter during his first months, setting up the full time Consulate and right from the outset he made it clear that I would have their full support - and I have. Hosting my book launch last April was the icing on the cake ... but it goes on, as Peter never fails to give a great shout-out to me - as to any authors present - at the Consulate First Friday brekkies. Caitriona's been brilliant at making things happen and sorting out problems for me - thank you, will miss you both so much!

Peter Ryan in full flow at May's First Friday Breakfast

Hong Kong's

three Newmarket-eers ... self, Peter Kennedy and Caitriona O'Sullivan at the book launch in April 2017.

I finally spent some time getting back onto some of HK's lovely islands - including Cheung Chau. I dragged a pal round this island, but it sort of ended up as a guided tour of utility installations as my attempts to find various points of interest invariably ended up in sewerage treatment plants or pumping stations. But we did get to the 'new' (1913) Police Station overlooking the village, matching it up to the architects plans I had, whilst earlier

I found what I think is the site of the former

Police Station, aka the Customs House and before

that a merchants house, on the Praya. Now set

well in from the sea, I reckon this is the place -

give me a shout if you disagree, I'd love to know!

And this coming weekend, back in the (cool) UK, I'm off to the RHKPA Agm in Lichfield. I'm going along to listen .... although its unlikely that I'll hear stories from 'my' period, I've found that time can pass very quickly in the company of these guys with great tales to tell ...

On Sunday we're off to the near-by Natrional Memorial Arboretum for the dedication of a memorial to the Officers of the Royal Hong Kong Police who lost their lives in the course of duty. Its rather wonderful that this is happening during the centenary of the Gresson Street Affray, and Inspector Mortimor O'Sullivan and Sgt. Henry Goscombe Clarke will be two of those men so honoured.

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