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A weekend in Durham and an Irish magazine article

I'm looking forward to the Police History Society conference this weekend - not a huge affair, but they have interesting line ups of speakers ... and this year is no different. I've used Clive Emsley's books a lot so I'm keen to hear him, then Tony Rae is talking about the forgotten police casualties in both the UK and colonial forces. The opening speaker is Harry Wynne - I'll be delighted to meet him, as he gave me the only two 19th century pictures I have of the Naval Dockyard Police Force and I want to pick his brains about my ongoing research about that little police force.

And just this week the latest edition of Irish Lives Remembered came out - a free online quarterly journal published by the Irish Family History Centre. The editor, Patrick Roycroft had been really welcoming about my article - reckoning that it would open up a bit of Irish history unknown to most. He gave me a great build up in his editorial, for which I am very grateful .... even if it does sound as if my Newmarket men founded the HK Police Force! Well, its going to hook people in to read it, anyhow!! I'll have to go into profuse apology mode when I'm back in HK ..... never mind, all in a good cause. The link should take you to it, if you want to read it - nothing to sign up to, unless you want information from the Centre.

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